Kathy Barnette for Congress – On the Issues

Our Safety Comes First

  • Protect our communities – support our police departments with enhanced training and equipment.
  • Hold individuals and organizations who promote violent riots accountable.
  • Support the Constitutional right of citizens to own firearms, while encouraging safety and storage training.
  • Secure our borders to reduce human trafficking, drug smuggling, dangerous gang activity, and terrorism.

Education – The Key to Our Children’s Future

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave” – Frederick Douglass

  • Allow parents to decide what education is best for their children by providing a wide range of choices.
  • Work with state and local governments to increase access to internet, library services, and help for children with special needs.
  • Increase learning about civics, history, and the unifying principles of this country.

Health Care – Protecting the Most Vulnerable

As we continue to be vigilant and work our way through this insidious virus, we must never forget the lessons we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Protect the most vulnerable among us.
  • Remember that we, the American people, mitigated the spread of this virus and NOT politicians. We came together and voluntarily self-quarantined to slow down the spread of COVID-19 to give our leaders time to catch up. We must give people factual, nonpolitical, and non-agenda-ridden information. And we must trust that Americans will do the right thing.
  • Allow individuals and families to choose the healthcare plans that work best for them rather than plans designed and dictated by Washington bureaucrats.
  • Better healthcare starts with lower costs, increased price transparency, and healthcare innovations.
  • Promote options for young women who are pregnant and enhance a culture of life for them and their babies. Commission a study on childbirth mortality rates within the Black community.

Taxes and Spending – It is Our Money

  • Oppose tax increases that hurt individuals, families, and small businesses.
  • Call for a review of all Federal spending. These are unprecedented times with some unprecedented levels of spending. The public should know where our money is going and decide if it’s necessary or not.

Local Control Over Our Communities

  • Oppose Federal mandates using our money as a hammer to control local zoning.
  • Oppose the idea of abolishing the suburbs.

Energy and Infrastructure

  • Make a wide variety of energy sources more available.
  • Utilize this county’s innovation and intelligence to develop reasonable and commonsense approaches to both our energy needs and our need to protect our environment.
  • Create a national partnership between business and government at all levels to improve our infrastructure for the 21st Century.

Give a Hand-Up. Not a Hand-Out to Those Who are Marginalized

Expand on Senator Tim Scott’s Community Opportunity Zones program with the Minority Inclusion Act that creates a community-driven focus on access, culture, participation, and policy. This will create financial access for businesses, educational opportunities, financial literacy training, and much more. Kathy’s first proposal when she goes to Washington.

When elected, Kathy will form community advisory groups on the various issues. Your knowledge and experience are vital to her success as your next member of Congress. Her success will be your success.

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