Opportunistic Investing

“The goal of some in leadership is simple: To drain middle-Americans of our savings and make us dependent on Big Government”

Democrats & their muscle memory…

  • Democrats have absolutely NOTHING new to offer us.
  • Except their same old BIG GOVERNMENT ideas:
    1. Increase minimum wage
    2. Universal childcare
    3. Universal education
    4. Monthly direct payments to Americans
    5. Housing for everyone
    6. Green New Deal
    7. Medicare For All
    8. Bailing out liberal states irresponsible spending on failed solar panel factories, bankrupt pension plans, sanctuary cities and other socialist experiments.
    9. Free!  Free!  Free!  Free!  Free!

Democrats & their muscle memory…

  • Free isn’t really Free.
  • None of their ideas will bring about real and sustainable growth.
  • Each of their ideas will bankrupt our country
    1. Make us government dependent
    2. Mortgage our children’s future
    3. And simply kick the inevitable “can of collapse” down the road.
  • We need what Democrats cannot give us…REAL growth opportunities.

Madeleine Dean & her lack of vision…

  • Freedom is necessary for successful living.
  • In fact, it’s a basic American value.
  • Because most liberals, Madeleine Dean included, have rarely met a government program they didn’t like, they are willing to spend trillions, upon trillions of our dollars on subsidizing every single aspect of our lives.
  • This is called welfare.
  • Welfare is one of many failed liberal policies first perfected in black communities that have not only NOT helped black communities but have made many of them worse.
  • Under the cover of COVID-19, Dean is expanding welfare to Main Street America and thus accelerating our dependency upon the government
  • For example, Dean’s new bill H.R. 6619 “Restore America’s Main Street Act” is anything but a “restoration.”
    1. It sounds “pretty.”
    2. Government dependency is NOT a long-term solution for a free nation.
    3. Business owners and workers, I speak to, no longer want to sit on the sidelines. 
    4. They want a fighting chance to save their means of securing the necessities of life…their livelihood.
    5. Americans are smart, innovative and hard workers.
    6. We are not stupid.  We can learn and adapt to safely reopen our nation.

    Opportunistic Investing…Looking Forward

    • The safe thing to do is NOT to hunker down!
    • Now is NOT the time to stick our head in the sand.
      1. Now is the time for responsible investments…not socialist spending.
      2. Now is the time to look for greater returns on our investments.
      3. Having experienced extreme poverty, I can attest that the greatest way to eradicate poverty and lack is to give someone a job not another program.
    • Bring our manufacturing capacity back home:
      1. Create financial incentives to bring overseas manufacturing capacity back to the U.S.
      2. Create new supply chains for manufactured goods, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies.
    • Creating Private Public financial opportunities to invest in infrastructure:
      1. Roads
      2. Rail
      3. Waterways

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