The Chinese Mask has fallen off.  Their “true” face has been revealed. 

The question is whether we have political leaders who will put American values above greed and HOLD CHINA ACCOUNTABLE?

FACT:  During her 2018 campaign, Rep. Madeleine Dean’s family bike business took over $20 million from a former member of the Chinese Nationalist Party in Taiwan.* 

FACT:  The $20 million investment was made in January.  According Dean’s financial disclosure to the government, the investment was more than 5x the value of their family’s business.* 

FACT 10 short months later, on November 16th, of that same year, Rep. Dean’s family business filed for bankruptcy and put its assets up for sale to be auctioned off on Dec. 18th.*

Where did all that money go?    

FACT:  In 2018, Rep. Dean held a stake in assets valued between $1.25 million and $5.5 million held in an offshore tax-havenin the British Islands.*

FACT:  While Rep. Dean advocate for $15 minimum wage here in America, her family business worked with the Chinese firm that paid its employees between USD $1.49-$2.20 per hour, according to its on-site recruiting posting and on-camera interviews with employees.*


Do you REALLY think Rep. Dean will hold China accountable?

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According to an international survey:


  • 78% of the world’s largest democracy, India, believe China knowingly kept data about the Wuhan-virus from the international community.
  • 85% of Indian voters believe China should be held accountable.
  • 88% of Indian voters believe the WHO should be investigated, along with China 




  • 68% of Germans believe China has not been open or honest about COVID-19.
  • 61% of Germans believe China should be held accountable.
  • 54% of Germans said they would support changes in diplomatic and economic relations.
  • 80% of Germans believe their nation needs to end its dependence on China.
  • 71% of Germans believe Germany should withdraw manufacturing investments.

United Kingdom

  • 68% of voters in the U.K. believe China kept data about the Wuhan-virus from the world.
  • 81% of U.K. voters believe China should be held accountable.
  • 74% of U.K. voters said they are prepared to change their relationship with China following COVID-19.

China’s goal is a relatively simple one:  to achieve global dominance by controlling worldwide access to technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more.  

China used the chaos of COVID-19 to accelerate their strategy of dominating the 21st century as the world’s sole superpower.



QUESTION:  Do you really think a person who has taken millions from China will NOW hold them accountable?

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