Public Safety – A Top Priority

In order for a society to be successful, its citizens must feel safe. It is beyond disturbing that so many Democratic politicians, including my opponent, Madeleine Dean, have intentionally confused “peaceful protestors” with “rioters” and “anarchists.” There is no justification for the destruction we are witnessing all across our nation. No one is above the law.

The Biden-Sanders plan, supported by Madeleine Dean, wants to “reimagines” law enforcement. We don’t have time for this level of sheer foolishness. Biden has stated publicly that he wants to redirect funds away from our police departments.

I strongly support the work of the hard-working men and women who form the “thin blue line” that protects us every day. I support more training and better equipment so that there is less likelihood of horrific outcomes similar to what happened to George Floyd.

At the same time, the tragedies that are occurring in cities – destruction of businesses and the killing of residents, including the horrible shootings of young people, especially children – must stop. The citizens of every community need and deserve protection from criminals. Sadly, the Democrats, with their policies and inflammatory rhetoric, have allowed the unleashing of a crime war on innocent citizens.

In Congress, I will NOT be silent in the face of evil. I will fight to uphold law and order. 

I was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Norristown, PA Lodge 31.

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